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11 Problems To Avoid
For Your 3D Virtual Tour...

...which few 3D Service Providers Dare (Or Have A Clue How)
To Tell You About Before Taking Your Deposit!
#5 and #6 could easily make your entire project come up second class!

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Are all 3D providers the same?

Clearly not. After producing 100’s of 3D tours exclusively for the hospitality, tourism and business community, we have come across some very interesting operators and especially their results. Whether you work with us or not, here are some benchmarks you can use.

Obviously, be cautious if your service provider produces mainly (or exclusively) Real Estate tours and promises the world here…

Constant feedback from talking with clients and close observation of other 3D work which has been produced in the field gives insight into what can be improved on.
Over time, several issues have become apparent which are more or less deciding factors whether your hospitality, tourism or business space virtual tours are perfect in the end.
Anything short of that is unnecessary and can be avoided.


1. Lack of proper planning

This can include not setting clear project goals, not creating a timeline, not identifying potential risks, or not allocating resources properly. Without a solid plan in place, the project can quickly become disorganized and chaotic. And for sizeable operations, which run under very tight timeframes, this spells disaster.

2. Inadequate equipment

Without the necessary equipment, such as high-quality cameras (e.g. the new Matterport Pro 3) or editing software,
the virtual tours may be of low quality or have unnecessary technical issues.

3. Inadequate research by the operator

Adeep understanding of the target audience and the hospitality
business’s needs is critical in creating a virtual tour that resonates with potential customers. Without adequate research, the operator is working in the dark and the tour may not be relevant or engaging to the target audience.

4. Poor timing

Misjudged production schedules and delays in delivering the
virtual tour can be frustrating for the hospitality business, especially fi you have a specific launch date or event planned. Poor timing can also impact the virtual tour’s relevance if it’s not delivered in a timely manner.

Experience - the most crucial factor

5. Insufficient Skills

This can include not having the right people on the team, not having enough experience, or not keeping up with the latest trends and techniques. Without the necessary skills, the virtual tours may be lackluster and not meet the hospitality business’standards. Lack of skills is a direct consequence of the next point.

6. Limited experience

A lack of experience in creating virtual tours for the hospitality industry can result in not understanding the VERY specific needs, processes, timings and expectations of the industry or not highlighting the unique features of the location.
Producing a virtual tour for a hospitality business such as a busy restaurant, a large hotel or resort requires an exceptional level of insight and should only be placed in the trusted hands of THE most experienced operators in the industry.
A Real Estate photographer who has only ever produced home or apartment 3D tours without the pressure of timing in a trading business, will likely struggle to match the finely stacked workflow that is required for a hotel or similar.

7. Technical difficulties

Technical issues can arise, such as through poorly chosen camera angles or positions resulting in misalignment of shots, or a lack of “flow” in the tour in post production.


8. Portfolio Cred

Your operator should firstly have a prolific portfolio of work.
If they can only showcase a handful of single function space or small restaurant tours, be aware that this isn’t any more difficult than an apartment. If your shoot is merely such a space, all is well. If you have a larger venue, dig deeper.


Pubs and similar venues are generally closed in the morning and easy to shoot. Working during trading hours in a large space is a different game and needs a deep level of understanding.

9. Poor support

Inadequate customer support can leave you frustrated. Find out how they deliver the final product and what ongoing support they offer. Virtual tour service providers need to be responsive and helpful in addressing any issues that may arise.

10. Ignoring client feedback and reading signals on the day

Every production is unique and on the day, things ALWAYS change and remain a moving target. AV equipment might fail, the venues might need to move decor and computers around, and similar. Al this needs a very flexible operator who keeps their cool and doesn’t lose sight of the overall schedule, even if it needs massive detours along the way.

11. YOUR colleagues in the industry

Your best source of reassurance. Pick up the phone and ask a colleague who is using a tour from a particular operator. You will quickly find out whether they are the right fit for you.

Bonus Point

12. Creativity

Spend a bit of time feeling your way into the creativity of the tour creator.
It takes a tremendous eye for detail and a deep understanding and feel for the best flow of a tour capture.
Many operators simply capture spaces and have no idea how to smoothly and enticingly present them to the viewers.
That skill can’t be learned from YouTube, but only hands-on and gets better over time.

In summary

. . . a hospitality virtual tour service provider could potentially stuff up a project if they don’t plan properly, communicate
effectively, have the necessary skills or experience, adequately research the needs of the hospitality business and target audience, ignore client feedback, lack credibility or provide inadequate customer support. It’s also important to have the right equipment and deliver the project on time. To avoid these potential pitfalls, it’s essential to work with an operator with a strong track record who understands the unique needs of the hospitality industry, and can provide various solutions to meet changing needs. That way, hospitality businesses can create engaging and immersive virtual tours that showcase their unique offerings and attract new customers.

To work with one of the best global operators for your next 3D concept, contact us via our Concierge.
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