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Fairlawn Estate 3D Virtual Tour reveals its wonders…

Delving into the Rich History of Fairlawn Estate

A Journey Back in Time to an Opulent Victorian Georgian House

Fairlawn Estate, a private oasis situated in the heart of the Margaret River Wine Region, is not just any regular estate. Originally constructed in the 1840s, this Victorian Georgian house has been lovingly restored by three generations of the Walker Family. Today, it serves as a bridge between the past and the present, offering nostalgia to the modern traveler and those seeking a unique and opulent venue.

The estate stands on a 2000-acre working farm and boasts a 1000 square-meter homestead with seven bedrooms, a ballroom, dining hall, and two cocktail lounges. The adjoining Bishop Hales Cottage adds to its charm. The gardens of the estate, always sensationally beautiful, flow through the seasons in color and light. But these words only paint a partial picture. To truly appreciate the estate’s beauty, we invite you to take our 3D Virtual Tour.

Meet the Walker Family, The Proud Owners of Fairlawn Estate

A Family’s Love and Dedication to Their Ancestral Home

The Walker Family – Rebecca, Alexander, and their four children – are the third generation to pour their heart and soul into the historic walls of Fairlawn Estate. This young farming family enjoys a special bond with each other and the land that they are fortunate to live on. Through our immersive 3D experience, you will get a glimpse of their life at the estate and their dedication to preserving its heritage.

The family’s great desire is to share their special oasis with the fortunate few who choose to visit Fairlawn Estate.

Weddings & Events at Fairlawn Estate

Create Your Own Unique Dream Moment

At Fairlawn Estate, couples are offered the opportunity to create their own unique dream moment from a blank canvas. Whether it’s a large marquee wedding under the stars for 250 guests or a small private and intimate elopement style wedding in the cocktail room or ballroom within the homestead, Fairlawn Estate is the dream location for your memories and moments. Experience a virtual tour of an event at Fairlawn Estate, and envision your special day at this dream location.

Luxury Accommodations at Fairlawn Estate

Bridging the Old and the New

Fairlawn Estate is committed to delivering an exclusive luxury accommodation experience that bridges the old and the new. The homestead, with its vintage charm and modern-day class and sophistication, offers a comfortable, friendly, and familiar feeling.

Choose between the Fairlawn Homestead, the King Suite, or the heritage-listed Bishop Hales Cottage for your stay. Each of these accommodation options promises an indulgent stay with beautiful views, luxury amenities, and a touch of history. To get a real feel of what staying at Fairlawn Estate would be like, we invite you to take a virtual tour of the accommodations available.

Experience the grandeur of Fairlawn Estate and its rich history from the comfort of your home. Get a feel for the Walker Family’s love for their homeand the estate’s dedication to creating unforgettable experiences. If you’re planning a wedding, an event, or a stay in the Margaret River Wine Region, Fairlawn Estate is the perfect choice. And if you’re just a history buff or architecture enthusiast, our 3D Virtual Tour and the virtual tours on EventSpace3D will provide a fascinating insight into this stunning Victorian Georgian house.

For those looking to explore further, our TourGuide3D version here at Fairlawn Estate offers another more detailed avenue to discover what it would be like to have your dream wedding at Fairlawn Estate.

We look forward to welcoming you, virtually and hopefully, in person soon!

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