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Mega Massive Tours

How to bring 54 hectares to life in a vitual tour?

Introducing Woodhouse Adventure Park.

Please enjoy this mega production which encapsulates cutting edge capture technology and experience, creative solutions and on-brand UI to achieve a near life-like experience.

See how Woodhouse is using this asset on their actual website by visiting


What is “Teleporting”?

For venues and spaces of such magnitude, we have to produce several standalone tours, each often reaching up to 1 km in length. We then combine these tours behind the scene and link them inside our custom integrated navigation menu so that we can “transport” our viewers between tours with the least interruption and inconvenience. 

Due to the sheer size of the tour stream, it sometimes takes a few moments to load the initial images. Please give it a few seconds to load, it is worth it.

What about being On-Brand? 

Your customers already know your business from your amazing offline marketing assets. 

We can replicate these online and integrate them directly INTO the 3D tour. In the above example, you will find two actual MAPS that Woodhouse uses in print, which have been intricately code-developed here into the navigation experience.

Try both of them. Firstly, the YELLOW MAP button top right. Secondly, go to CHALLENGE HILL and see the white map on that location.

 Where can I find out more?

Go to our client Camps3D directly if you have a mega size property you like to discuss. We do their 3D and Development work behind the scenes. 

Commonly asked questions

No. We adjust menu structures and custom guides accordingly to handle any size. We can produce a Disneyland in this way and end up entirely on brand.

Absolutely. Ai is the next step to elevate these tours to a near life-like experience with a human feel about the conversation with our integrated Concierge.

Such an assistant makes your virtual tour a 24/7 Sales Machine, Support Agent, Consultant and more, anything really is possible. 
More info HERE

These are sizeable, multi-stage productions, which do take significant resources. 
Having said that, they are still very affordable for a business and as they provide THE best marketing tool you would have ever had for years to come, amortising such an investment over say 5 years, will make it a fraction of your normal marketing budget.

We are unable to give a fixed price without having a more indepth look at your project. Get in touch with us via our Ai Assistant please.

This project took around 1 month, consisting of 5 long days of shooting and several weeks of backend work, whilst consulting with the client every other day to remain finely tuned to their needs.

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