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Video And Drone Creations That Make Any Venue Proud

A visitor’s attention span is measured in the first few seconds on the internet. Precious few seconds that you need to grab their attention or lose them elsewhere.

EventSpace3D produce engaging, challenging and immersive videos which draw your viewers in and keep them there.

Albeit subtle, we convey a clear message about each venue we bring to life in motion format.

Combined with your input during the planning phase about what you like to achieve, our expert understanding of hospitality and tourism venues enable us to script write and execute each production to hit the core of what your space stands for – every time. 

Join hundreds of other satisfied venues for your space shoot – we guarantee it!

Aloft Perth Virtual Tour video
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Media Productions

Our content is a great basis to create lively visuals to enhance your marketing and branding across the board.

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MAKE US a part of your marketing team TODAY

Are you interested in creating videos that motivate your audience to take action and engage with your brand, product or service? Let’s get started.

Our business, hospitality and tourism video’s are crafted to engage your viewers, inspire action and get results.

The main outcome is to equip you with amazing video content as more tools for you to better connect with your audience. Our team will quasi join your marketing team to collaborate on strategy and develop personalized, targeted results.

We offer several options, where you will receive final cuts that are ready to use, as well as Social Media ready clips, and of course, we give you the cleaned up RAW footage for your in-house team to cut and slice well into the future for short Social clips that make your small investment last.


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All Industries

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Video Marketing Is Mainstream

Companies from all industries nowadays put great emphasis on their visual branding and marketing and just like quality venue photography, quality video can not be missed.

Whether you want to tell a story about the comprehensiveness of your product and service offering, or simply inspire viewers to drop in for a meal, nothing tells the story better than a well crafted and scripted video.

EventSpace3D brings a wealth of experience and marketing and design expertise to the table.

This, coupled with a thorough understanding of the tourism and hospitality industry in particular, enable us to hit the mark of what you have to convey.

A drone video for your website is an excellent way to show off your resort and help bookings. With quality video and special effects, our dynamic video edits make you stand out from the crowd.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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