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Please enjoy this live example – The Westin Perth

Also take look at the “Guest Rooms” and “Facilities” tab to see how we integrate standalone tours which usually have to load fresh in a separate player. This way, you can simply and freely move from one tour to another inside the same virtual space, with only a very short delay.

We produce all our virtual tours nowadays with a custom integrated navigation menu.
It empowers your viewers to find any relevant space in the venue in seconds. No need to fumble their way through an entire tour, hoping to find what they are looking for. Viewers want info, and they want it NOW!

Why every virtual tour needs a custom navigation 

Commonly asked questions

Yes. For the convenience of your (and by extension our) online visitors, we now include a custom menu in each production.

Absolutely. We will work closely with you to achieve a perfected menu in no time.

These integrations are priced between $750 and $1500, depending on the size and number of navigation points, standalone tours and your other info pieces (tags, videos, PDF’s etc) to be integrated . This process requires our capture technician who knows the space well, to recall the key scan points and best viewing angles to make the menu work smoothly and stylish.

No. Ai and 3D integration is a bespoke solution which has to be deeply customised for each venue. 
Please find out more HERE

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EventSpace3D Concierge
EventSpace3D Concierge
EventSpace3D Concierge
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