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AI Integrations

Example 1: Single-Space Tour

Yagan Square Perth 3D Virtual Tour
with Ai-guided navigation

Try it for yourself – above is a LIVE Concierge3D assistant

You can for example try the following interactions:

1. Ask about the venues in Yagan Square

2. Get the Concierge to take you to, say “KARLA” (or “Alba” or “Rooftop” or “Ugly Baby” or “Pourhouse”)

3. Request a menu

4. Ask to make a booking

5. Inquire about other more general information, like nearby transport, or event space capacity

Try anything you like, with the caveat that some of it will definitely NOT work yet in this V1 model of training.

Please note, for VOICE INPUT, you have to click the BLACK mic both before and after talking

About Yagan Square

After a massive renovation and extension, the old Yagan Square site was massively upgraded in a collaboration between DevelopmentWA, City of Perth and the hospitality group Nokturnl who was selected to be the operator of choice in revitalising the former spaces by injecting several bespoke brand new venues as part of the overall re-activation.

The 3D production itself took about a week on site while working around the still ongoing site works and final touches on fit-outs. The project is close to 1.5 hectares in 3D coverage in total, taking into account the various levels (5) of venue floor space and grounds in general.

EventSpace3D then deployed their proprietary Ai Chatbot function in the 3D Tour, with actual artificial intelligence navigating a space, driven by the users Text or Voice inputs (in almost any language).

While this is totally early days, it opens amazing new possibilities for expanding the user experience and benefits a venue can derive for their operation.

Example 2: multi-Space Tour

Aloft Perth Hotel
3D Virtual Tour
Teleporting you through numerous tours via our Concierge

You could try the following:

1. Ask about the “ballroom”

2. Ask to see a “guest room”

3. What about “sunsets on the rooftop”

4. Ask to go to the “pool”

5. Move to “reception”

6. Show me a “restaurant”

With a fully fine-tuned Concierge, any space in a venue will become accessible by voice or typing (multi-lingual and soon multi-accented).

Additional custom functions like sales consultations, lead generation (and CRM integration), meetings booked,

messages forwarded to the correct department, video calls (coming soon), are possible.

Concierge expansion plans & possibilities

Based on the use case, this might include:

1. Align the concierge closely with your business goals

2. Handle customer enquiries

3. Handle complaints

4. Guide a user through a booking, up-sell, cross-sell

5. Gather feedback

6. Handle different customer personalities

7. Give the concierge a personality itself

8. Send follow up messages

9. Offer 24/7 Customer Support

10. Dynamically update the bot based on feedback

11. Integrate with a CRM

12. Provide Real-Time updates or alerts

13. Handle peak-interaction times

14. Train new employees with the 3D tour and a specific training program via chat

15. Train the concierge to handle sensitive or crisis situations

16. Support user with disabilities

And more… Our roadmap constantly expands.

How much does this cost?

A custom Ai Concierge3D requires a measurable investment.

Due to its highly customised setup and integration, the cost makes this more suitable for medium to large projects overall. Of course, we would still gladly chat with you if your venue isn’t super large and you still like to see what it entails to bring it into the fascinating world of Ai integration. 

However, using a high quality EventSpace3D virtual tour (or your existing Matterport tour) combined with this tech powerhouse, elevates your user experience to a level of control and convenience otherwise unattainable.

Imagine… Users finding whatever they need inside your space, at their fingertips, in under a minute or two.

Not only will they be stoked about the outcome, it will also relieve the pressure on your support team with many repeating questions and interactions becoming automated. 

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