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From The Bees To You - Naturally


From the bees to you – naturally

The House of Honey proudly specialises in raw, pure, unpasteurised and unadulterated varietal honeys. We practice harvesting honey only when our bees have capped the cells allowing the honey to fully ripen and mature into an exceptional taste. Our guarantee to you is to provide premium top quality West Australian honeys with intense flavours and the highest nutritional value using traditional and sustainable farming methods.

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The Wonderful World of Honey

Honey is made by bees using nectar from flowers. Honey has a long history of human consumption and is used in various ailments. Flavours of honey vary based on the source of nectar. Popular West Australian honeys include: Karri, Yate, Red Gum, Jarrah, Banksia, York Gum, White Gum, Forest Blackbutt, Tagasaste, Marri, Tingle, Salmon Gum, Gimlet, Coral Gum, Wild Flower, Goldfields Mallee.

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